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Margery Kraus, CEO APCO

PR Agency Management 2010 Summit, New York City

The public relations business is being transformed . . . this Summit will help make sure that you have proven new models to help you seize the opportunity. Clients are demanding more than ever before from their agencies—measurable results, leadership in social media, higher service levels, greater accountability in billings and smarter new business pitches. Yet for those who understand the new economy and are ready to seize the opportunities created by it, the rewards can be huge. A handful of agencies over the past year have proven that they have mastered the new rules and the new paradigm—and we’ve convinced them to share the techniques and strategies that are making them impressively successful.

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How to Measure—and Increase—PR Client Satisfaction Every Day of the Year

Speakers: Karen Albritton, Scott Allison, Gil Bashe



What PR Leaders Must Know about Intellectual Property Law in the Digital Age

Speakers: Bryan Harris, Michael Lasky



Smart, Creative Ways to Reduce Costs to Increase Your Profit Margins

Speakers: David Anderson, Rick Gould, Denise Teeling



How to Create a Compelling New Business Presentation—and Avoid the Mistakes that Many Agencies Commit

Speakers: Kathy Cripps, Dan Orsborn



Luncheon Keynote: The State of PR in 2010 and Beyond

Speakers: Margery Kraus, CEO APCO



How We Grew Existing-Client Billings Dramatically in the Past Year

Speakers: Jim Joseph, Aaron Kwittken, Jennifer Prosek



A Proven Model for Successful New PR Agency Prospecting and Business Development

Speakers: Robb High



PR’s Fastest-Growing Agencies Share Their New Business Strategies

Speakers: David Fuscus, Rich Lukis, Marian Salzman



How to Sell the Value of PR to Top Management in Tough Economic Times . . . and Win Increased Budgets

Speakers: Luke Lambert, Daryl McCullough, Mike Swensen



Creating and Measuring PR Effectiveness: Strategies Clients Like Best (and Will Pay for)

Speakers: Ephraim Cohen, Angela Sinikas, Mark Weiner



Profit Consciousness: How to Achieve Extraordinary Agency Profitability Year In and Year Out

Speakers: Lynne Doll, Kim Sample, Moderator: Art Stevens



Best Practices in Charging for PR Services . . . or How to Make Money Whether You Use Hourly, Project or Pay-for-Results Fees

Speakers: Jason Buerkle, Josh Gertler, Jeff Lambert Moderator: Richard Goldstein



Selling Your Firm Case Study: Why, How and When You Should Prepare for a Sale

Speakers: Margi Booth, Bryan Haviland, Brad Schwartzberg



Luncheon Keynote: Lessons in Leadership: How Agencies Can Thrive in the Face of Today”s New Business Realities

Speakers: Miles Nadal – Founder, CEO, MDC Partners



Making Money with Social Media PR: Best New Profit Center for Your Agency

Speakers: Sandra Fathi, Rob Key, Jason Mandel


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