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Hungry Mind Recordings expands the message of conferences, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and social enterprises via the web. As content providers, we record, edit and host digital media for download and archival purposes.

We produce videos that engage and educate a wider audience seeking a more sustainable planet. Ask us about producing your next video project. Conference recording Con ference recordings, conference recording




We are women-owned and operated. HMR believes in the power of digital media as a means to accelerate the dissemination of ideas that transform and foster communication among like-minded organizations.

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Listen to the audio from some of these Hot Conferences:


American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting, 2017 ~ Waldorf Astoria, NY

The scientific sessions of the American Psychoanalytic Association’s meetings are intended to bridge the practice gaps in the professional knowledge of attendees by exploring new and recent developments in research, theory, technique and clinical knowledge. The meeting is open to anyone interested in psychoanalysis and offers stimulating content for mental health professionals practicing a wide range of therapies, as well as educators, researchers and students.

Please visit their website at apsa.org

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National Latino Cancer Summit, San Francisco 2016

The 5th Biennial National Latino Cancer Summit takes on the complexity of Precision Medicine, what it is, why should we care, and will it really serve the Latino community. Listen to experts excited about the possibilities of new answers to the cancer conundrum, the potential for targeted treatments - driven by big data based on increasing genomic knowledge, new drugs and clinical trials. This Summit was convened to create partnerships engaging hospitals, labs, universities and community leaders to frame new models of inclusion and care from the grassroots to the academic towers!

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Gender Spectrum 2016

This groundbreaking conference meets the need for information and support for families raising gender non-conforming, gender variant, gender expansive, and transgender children and teens. This is an opportunity for parents, caregivers, and other adults to find strength, support, connections and resources.

For more information visit our friends at www.genderspectrum.org

July 2016, Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga - view more...

American Group Psychotherapy Association - Transformation in Group: From Isolation to Connection

The AGPA 74th Annual Institute and Conference provides participants from diverse clinical disciplines the opportunity to advance their knowledge, skills, and training in group psychotherapy and related fields. Listen to development of new clinical approaches, refinement of therapeutic methods, exchange of clinical and empirical knowledge and exposure to current research and theory. Now you can hear from the open sessions and learn about the latest innovative trends in group psychotherapy.

February 22 through 27, 2016 - NYC - view more...

Salman Akhtar, MD - The Mental Pain of Minorities: Social & Clinical Aspects

American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting 2016

The American Psychoanalytic Association’s meetings are intended to bridge the practice gaps
by exploring new and recent developments in research, theory, technique, clinical knowledge and by offering opportunities for the review of essential psychoanalytic knowledge.

One of this year's keynotes was given by Donald B. Moss, MD on "The Insane Look of the Bewildered half-Broken Animal"

Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, January 2016 - view more...

Donald B. Moss, M.D. - "The Insane Look of the Bewildered Half-Broken Animal"

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