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Trade Up! Five Steps for Redesigning Your Leadership and Life from the Inside Out — By Rayona Sharpnack

Silicon Valley wunderkind Rayona Sharpnack has been a school teacher, tennis champion, manager, and player for a women's professional softball team, and a celebrity who coaches some of the most successful leaders in business. Trade Up! draws on Sharpneck's experience, as well as stories of leaders she has worked with, to reveal how leaders limit themselves by holding on to ideas or assumptions — what she calls "context." Trade Up! outlines the 5 steps to help leaders gain awareness of these assumptions, and trade up from limiting beliefs and behaviors to those that help them change the world. Trade Up! demonstrates how shifting context will free leaders to assert themselves in new realms while dramatically improving the meaningfulness of their lives and the quality of their relationships.



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Introduction - Beyond Business As Usual



Chapter One: It's All About You



Chapter Two: From Bug Soup to Butterfly



Chapter Three: I Am the Author of My Own Story



Chapter Four: Practice Leads to Mastery



Chapter Five: Traversing the Spiral



Trade Up! Five Steps for Redesigning Your Leadership and Life from the Inside Out

Includes entire book as 6 digital audio files, or in a binder with 6 CDs (CDs will be delivered via first class mail). Files may be played on any computer or digital device (phone, tablet, etc.). To listen on your iPhone or iPod, please download the files to your computer, then sync your iPhone/iPod with your computer.

Audio CDs: 6



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