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National Latino Cancer Summit, San Francisco 2016

The 5th Biennial National Latino Cancer Summit takes on the complexity of Precision Medicine, what it is, why should we care, and will it really serve the Latino community. Listen to experts excited about the possibilities of new answers to the cancer conundrum, the potential for targeted treatments - driven by big data based on increasing genomic knowledge, new drugs and clinical trials. This Summit was convened to create partnerships engaging hospitals, labs, universities and community leaders to frame new models of inclusion and care from the grassroots to the academic towers!

Visit our friend's website at: latinascontracancer.org



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National Latino Cancer Summit - 2016 - Full Set



Opening Plenary & Keynote - The Cutting Edge, Genomics, Biologics, and Precision Medicine

Speakers: Dr. Esteban Burchard – MD., UCSF Dr. Elena Martinez – PhD., UCSD



Opening Panel - Precision Medicine, Disparities/Equity in Treatment and Prevention

Speakers: Breaking Down Genetics Luis Carvajal Carmona, BSc, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Genome Center, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Leukemia, Latino youth, and targeted therapy Dr. Cheryl Willman, Director, New Mexico University Cancer Center, NM  Data Control and Access: Who Should We Trust Jodi Halpern, M.D., PhD Professor of Bioethics, Dept of Public Health, UC Berkeley  Intervening on the Financial Toxicity of Cancer Care/Cost S. Yousuf Zafar, Oncologist, Duke Cancer Institute, Durham, North Carolina  Patient Literacy and Consent Galen Joseph, PhD, Anthropologist, Genetic Counselor



Multi-Ethnic Disparities, The Opportunities & Challenges of Precision Medicine

Speakers: The Challenges and the Opportunities of Precision Medicine Chair Kimlin Ashing, PhD, City of Hope  Dr. Kim Rhoads, MD, Stanford (C)  Dr. Greg Talavera, Co-Director, Center for Health, SDSU (C)  Dr. Tung Nguyen, MD, ANNCART, UCSF (C)  Felicia Hodge, PhD, Native Research Network, UCLA (C)



Working Session *In Spanish – Genetic Curriculum Review

Speakers: A Training Workshop for Promotores –en Espanol Trainers: Laura Fejerman, Galen Joseph, UCSF, Cecil Benitez, Stanford



Genetic, Environmental and Behavioral Contributions to Racial Disparities

Speakers: Chair Kristi Graves, PhD, Georgetown University Marcia Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD, University of Puerto Rico

1. Genetic, environmental, and biological contributions to racial disparities 2. Colorectal cancer among Hispanics: Studies of genetic susceptibility, lifestyle, and tumor biology 3. The molecular biology of cancers



Social Media, Precision Medicine And Cancer Health Disparities

Speakers: Chair Amelie Ramirez, Dr.PH, UT San Antonio Amelie Ramirez, DrPh, UT San Antonio, Social Media and Tobacco or Childhood Obesity Mitchell Silva, PhD/Esperity, Brussels, CT Accrual and Social Media (includes results of a Survey on Genomics and Genetic Testing to Gauge Attitudes and Understanding) Celia Kaplan, PhD, UCSF, Technology as a Tool to Assess Breast Cancer Risk

Improved communication can improve healthcare outcomes. New forms of media are providing more convenient, richer and impactful communications. This panel will examine different uses of communications strategies to improve the health of Latinos. Including effects of social media on reducing Latino childhood obesity, use of mobile computing to generate a personalized report to increase discussions about women’s risk reduction and genetic counseling as well as data from a recent survey related to patient understanding of genetics and testing.



The Precision Medicine Initiative: Will Latinos be at the table or on the menu?

Speakers: Eliseo Perez Stable, M.D., PhD, Director National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities



Personalized Medicine in Breast Cancer Risk Prediction, Prognosis and Treatment, Now, In the Future and for Whom

Speakers: Chair Laura Fejerman, PhD, UCSF Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel, M.D. (C) Director, Clinical Cancer Genetics, Professor, City of Hope, Duarte, CA will focus on high penetrance variants and risk prediction. * Dr. Laura Esserman, M.D., (C) Director, Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, UCSF will discuss targeted screening based on history, clinical information and genetics Laura Van¹tveer will talk about precision medicine in breast cancer treatment and prognosis * Dr. Jeff Tice will talk about prediction models for different racial/ethnic groups and the incorporation of genetics into the models



Luncheon Panel – Promotores Siendo Parte del Equipo de Investigacion

Speakers: Adriana Morieko, Stanford University Cancer Institute, Investigaciones clinicas y recruitamiento do Latinos  Carmen Castro y Leticia García, Promotoras del Programa de Promotoras de Salud de Providence, Los Angeles  Tanya Olmos, Investigador de UCLA

El objetivo de este panel es promoveer la importancia de incorporar al promotor en el equipo de investigación en sus diferentes fases. Así como determinar la importancia que juega el promotor dentro de los proyectos de investigación. Los diferentes panelistas tendran un tiempo para exponer sus experiencias en base a las investigaciones o esfuerzos realizados en los que el promotor ha participado.



Benefits of Using Genetic Information to Provide Precision Medicine



Immunotherapy and Latino Cancer Disparities

Speakers: Chair Rocio Diaz, Genentech  Immunotherapy: Is it within everyone’s reach? Lupe G. Salazar, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington



Engaging Communities to Participate in Biomedical Research, and Precision Medicine Opportunities



Closing Session & Wrap Up

Speakers: Ysabel Duron, founder of Latinas Contra Cancer


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