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The CELA conference substantive panel recordings qualify for MCLE credit.* To receive your Certificate of Attendance, please make a note of the completion code heard during the recording and e-mail to info@cela.org. MCLE credit will be given to one person only - the purchaser. *Luncheon keynote recordings do not qualify for MCLE credit. CELA is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider.

Visit our friend's website at: https://www.cela.org/



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Entire Conference audio on either a USB thumb drive which will be mailed to you, or as downloadable Mp3 files for quick tunaround. Please check which you prefer. Easy transfer to PC or MAC - listen on computer or transfer to Smart phones & other electronic devices to hear it on the go.




Opening Remarks & Creepy Crawly Settlements

Speakers: Jean K. Hyams, CELA Chair, Christina Krasomil Creepy Crawly Settlements - Phil Horowitz - Moderator Speakers: Deborah Kochan, David Lee, Prof. Gary C. Williams



The Year in Review: Annual Employment Law Update - Part I - Arbitration

Speakers: Cliff Palefsky



Forced Arbitration – Don’t Give Up the Fight

Speakers: Mod: Katherine Chao, Speakers: Jennifer Bennett, Peter Javanmardi, Emily Nugent



Litigating Your Case While Addressing Implicit Bias Issues

Speakers: Mod: Christina Cheung, Speakers: Hon. Rupert A. Byrdsong, Sonia Chopra, Charlotte Fishman



Using the New California Fair Pay Act to Combat Gender Discrimination

Speakers: Mod: Jennifer Reisch, Speakers: Lori Andrus, Dan Kuang, Felicia Medina



Luncheon Keynote & Joe Posner Award

Speakers: Keynote: Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson



Demystifying Federal Court Practice

Speakers: Mod: Matthew Helland, Speakers: James Kan, Randy Rumph, Anna Park



Prosecuting and Prevailing in a Failure to Accommodate Case

Speakers: Mod: Traci Hinden, Speakers: Joan Herrington, Darryl Lucien



Making Joint Employers Play Right: Share Accountability!

Speakers: Mod: Rita M. Morales, Speakers: Sonya Smalletts, Lauren Teukolsky



Lessons Learned From Winning

Speakers: Mod: Dolores Y. Leal, Speakers: Lisa Mak, A. Jacob Nalbandyan, Lisa Peck, Michael Strauss, Maria Vizzusi



The Year in Review

Speakers: Andrew Friedman, Ramit Mizrahi (Double Session)



CELA Diversity Outreach Committee Luncheon Keynote

Speakers: Jose’ R. Padilla



Deposition Show & Tell

Speakers: Mod: Jean K. Hyams, Speakers: Wilmer Harris, Kashif Haque


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